Thursday, August 4, 2022

How To Live in Mexico on Practically Nothing by Our Retire Early lifestyle

Do you want to live in Mexico or anywhere your heart desires on practically nothing? In this video we talk about the largest expenses of rent, transportation and food. By staying on track and using a couple of principles over the years we have managed to keep our costs down no matter where we live in the world. Participate in the conversation below because it helps everyone to have a better understanding of how to keep living costs down from different perspectives rather than following the massive crowds that love to raise prices and show off their money in a land that can't compete with them. We learned years ago the (RAM) Retire Abroad Media crowd and doing it the way everyone is doing it, is NOT the way to live abroad for less! You Can Live Abroad like a Pro, Click here and find out more.  Take care everyone and stay safe out there.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CUENCA ECUADOR Luxury and Comfortable Apartment for $300 Furnished with Mountain VIEWS!

SIMPLY LOVELY! One-of-a-kind! Luxury and Comfortable Apartment for $300 Furnished with Mountain VIEWS Cuenca Ecuador at an amazing price! Lots of value here. This comfortable 3 bedroom apartment is just waiting for new home renters. If you are interested in this apartment contact us from the email in this video. Thanks! Blessings.