Sunday, May 17, 2015

Good Samaritans Showing (Some) AVAILABLE Rentals NOW in Ecuador!!

These are just samples of rentals that are available now in select locations in Ecuador. We have many others rentals that we would love to send your way on a daily basis to assist you in finding the perfect place for you in Ecuador or wherever you happen to want to move to abroad.  Choose one of our low-priced packages and get real service and real protection when procuring a rental. 
Available Rentals in Loja, Ecuador

3/2 apartment in Loja, living, dining, plus office or study for $280

Big 4/2 living, dining room and study detached house, with nice terraza, pets okay asking price $320

Views, Views, and more Views in this 2/2 apartment overlooking the city of Loja asking price $250

A Sample of what’s Out There in Salinas, Ecuador!

3/3 Furnished in Puerto Lucia (Salinas) 2 blocks to the beach!! asking price $480 PER MONTH

3/2 apartment with huge balcony, 150M (1,600ft) asking price $400 and wants a one year lease at this price.  

Sample of what’s out there in Cuenca, Ecuador today!

3/3 bath corner detached house with 200M terreno. Large master bedroom. Hosue has living and dining room, plus real hardwoods. The house has one flight of stairs. Asking $260, minimum one year lease at this price! 

160M - 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house. The house is on the second and third floors of a three floored building, on the first floor is a business. The house is a corner house in an excellent location of Cuenca. Bright and airy master bedroom. Here's a photo of the master bedroom - Asking $400 
Remember, with our services we send you the best rental options available right now when you choose one of our packages. Take a look at the low-priced services we offer that will assist you in your rental hunting search and protect you from rental fraud and gouging!!

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