Friday, May 22, 2015

More GREAT RENTAL FINDS in Ecuador! Available Now!

These rental finds are available now; we have the contact information; if you want, we can call them for you; we can negotiate for you; and we'll make sure that you are getting a fair rental deal with no gouging just because you are a gringo/foreigner! Today we're focusing on Quito!

Quito Ecuador: 4 bedroom (150M) apartment on the way to Los Chillos in Quito; this apartment is not located in the hustle bustle of the city, yet still near to shopping and buses.  the walls are painted light tan and white with nice trimming, plus there is a fireplace. Bright and airy. asking price $350. 

North Quito (good area) Ecuador: 3 bedroom 2 full baths (150M) apartment in a tower building. asking $400 AND this PRICE inlcudes the monthly maintenance fee and water!! However, we never take the asking price... you know (wink, wink)

People always say to us that Quito is expensive. Yes, it can be expensive when you go to the gringo portals to look for the rental deals! We wade through all the over-priced tourist stuff.


Quito by the NEW Airport: 2/1 nice detached house with amazing green areas (450M) for playing. American kitchen. BBQ area (see photo) and just 4 minutes to the new Quito airport. Asking $400. This seems a bit high. Want help negotiating a good rental deal? You know how to get a hold of us. 
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