This Is Bull-Shift, Dominican Republic for $1355!! DR Travel VLOG

We apologize if you have already seen this video but our Anti-shyster antennas are going up and thought we'd post this here just in case you missed it. Oh and yeah, we changed the title because this one is better. :-) LOL

Still Gung-Ho about Mexico? Here's a 2/2 Penthouse Apartment with Ocean Views for $740

Here's another sample of what you can get in a popular Mexican tourist destination. This FURNISHED penthouse apartment located in Cabo San Lucas is only $740 per month; it has partial views of the ocean, plus walking distance to all shopping! And when we say "shopping" we really mean big grocery stores, not small tiendas with only a few items. This is a 12 month lease only.  

We couldn't find this kind of deal (Ocean view 2/2 penthouse) on the Ecuador coast for this price.

Click here for more information on how to get rentals like this one anywhere.

Click here for more information on how to get rentals like this one anywhere.

$550 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Furnished 3/3 House! THIS Is Cheaper than Cuenca, Ecuador!

This is an amazing price for a house in one of the most popular tourist zones of Mexico.This is cheaper than Cuenca Ecuador! It's not far from the beach either.

 *NEW LISTING*   Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fully furnished 3/3 House (Town Home) in gated community with 24/7 guard on duty. $550

Beautiful house for rent: beautifully designed and fully furnished and equipped with everything you need. This is a cozy home ideal for a couple.  King size bed in the ensuite master with walk in closet. The home is equipped with 4 air conditioners, stationary tank and solar panels to reduce electricity bills...water and maintenance included in the price. Security guard, pool and cabin for events. The house is located near shopping centers, schools, work centers, etc.  Click here for the information you will need on how to get rentals like this one.

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Rent in Cancun Mexico or Ecuador Salinas Beach?

Mexico is getting a lot of attention lately thanks to RAM magazines and the usual youtube pumpers and here's a sample of what's out there for rent in Cancun Mexico not too far from the beach.  It seems the price is comparable to what is being asked here in Ecuador on the coast.  We have always said, once the Ecuadorians start pricing their real estate to a certain level they are now no longer competing on an Ecuador level.  They are competing on an International level.  Well see this listing we just here...

Does Middle-Class Money Buy Upper-Class Lifestyle in Cuenca Ecuador, Latin America?

What do you think? Does Middle-Class Money Buy you an Upper-Class Lifestyle in Cuenca Ecuador? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  We will tell you this...middle-class in most Latin American countries is not the same standards as middle-class in North America. Note, because this video is longer than our usual videos, before you start watching we suggest to go grab yourself your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy a half hour with us!  Note: If you are retiring in your home country of USA, visit here and see if this interests you. Take care guys.

My Perfect Wish Cuenca or Salinas Ecuador - Chipipe Beach VLOG

Hello Everyone! We've implemented some changes on the Gringo Good Samaritans (GGS) that will provide you with the information you need to stay on top of the travel abroad crowds. So when you get a chance please check it out here and here.

Here's a video commentary with a bit of a different perspective when it comes to going abroad on a more full-time basis. We have to remember that vacationing somewhere and living somewhere full time are two different things.

Cuenca Ecuador FREE GIFT Salinas

Hello Gringo Good Samaritan Friends! We know we haven't posted in awhile but we're still here. We want all of our followers/subscribers to know about our FREE GIFT. If you haven't yet watched this video about how to receive the gift, here is the video. Hasta Luego!