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Wednesday, March 18, 2020


When you look into this space of #F.I.R.E. #Financial #Independence #Retire #Early you see a couple of things stand out. 

1. people that 'retire early' at a relatively young age, say 30s and 40s and even 50s quickly become #dissatisfied and find some #work to occupy themselves with.

2. They don't really want to fulfil the RE part of the FIRE idea any more.

I've been a participant in this space for 30 years and from what I've seen, almost everyone, except maybe those that keep working until they are 67 or 70, returns to some kind of work. 

It may not be in the same capacity or the same company. It may be a slant on what they were doing before such as consulting or a totally new activity.

Bottom line, FIRE does not mean and does not have to mean complete abandonment of the idea of work, but it may mean redefining work.

Which gives us a lot to ponder because, if you stop and think about it, most people base their whole FIRE number on the idea that they will not be working at all. Bingo.

Stay tuned because I will be talking more about this.

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