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Wednesday, March 18, 2020


This is all that's left of my wife Angie's computer. She spilled an entire cup of coffee on it, and it's been at a repair shop for a week and the verdict is still out. 

Consequently, I have had to forfeit my computer to her the whole time so that she can edit the videos for our you tube channel.

Each video takes easily an entire day or two + to edit and then coming up with titles etc. not to mention recording the video etc. 

So basically I have not had my computer for a week except for just a few moments here and there.

Had she not plugged it in and attempted to turn it on after the spill it might have been salvageable. It was not even 2 years old.

For all you FIRE folks that's a bit of an insight. If you spill water/coffee on your computer immediately turn it off and put it up side down to let the liquid drain, and then let it dry real well for over 24 hours. 

Had she done this, a cleaning is all it might have needed but because she attempted to turn it on the parts on the mother board fried.

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