Here's an idea to get more freedom from your 9 to 5. It could work for some of you and put more time into your schedule apart from your job and still earn the same salary.

It requires moving from a hourly pay to a task accomplished pay scale. So instead of hourly, you would log, or perhaps your tasks are already getting logged, and you would log the completion of all the tasks you accomplished that day and every day.

So then you would discuss with your boss the possibility of being able to leave the work place when the same or same number of tasks are accomplished, instead of staying the particular hours.

So if in a normal day you accomplish ABCD, but you've been staying till 5pm. 

See if you can leave when you accomplish your tasks regardless of what time it is. So you might accomplish ABCD at 4pm or 3pm.

Now, you will need to analyze or understand fully what type of management you are dealing with and avoid situations where you think they might take a dim view of just suggesting such a thing. In that case, you would want to hint around at the idea to see the reaction without necessarily saying that it has anything to do with you.

Regardless how you go about it, if you are successful, you will have gained a bit of freedom. Congratulations, what will you do with it?

I wouldn't automatically assume that you could not be successful with this idea, if you haven't tried it on for size. 

Let it fester in your mind and the possibilities of how to approach your boss will manifest themselves. Just go slow and think it over. 

 To your success!

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