Wednesday, March 18, 2020


The basics...
  1. live on less than you make
  2. save and invest
  3. no debt
Should this not be taught in school? Maybe things have changed but when I was going to school this was never taught.
I agree with Dave Ramsey that some of the advice on the internet is so frivolous and superficial.
Not that it's not true, just that, it really doesn't have much meat. Where's the beef?
Which of these do you like and which of these do you find frivolous? 
 I'd be glad to discuss these but there's too many of them for a short post. 
For example, while I would sew a button on a shirt I really like, I pay so little for my clothing that I don't necessarily repair them, although I have made shorts out of cargo pants that wore out at the bottom.

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