Yes there is always some truth in the cliches. "You get what you pay for". That has always been true when it comes to quality, durability, comfort, etc.

However there is a time and place where it has not and does not ring true for me. Have you experienced this in any sphere of your life? Please comment below.

Just as an example, I recently landed in a big city in Eastern Europe. Long time followers know that I don't like to focus on location, but rather experience that's why I don't mention the city.

So it turns out that American tourists are getting charged $100 to $200 local currency, just to go from the airport to the city center, which is about ten times the local going rate. And they're paying it, grumbling and complaining, yes, but they're paying it.

So I landed here and paid seventeen cents, 0.17 cents, to take the bus from the airport to the city center, and then for the last leg to the AIRBNB I took a taxi and agreed to pay $5 local currency , or $1.75 u.s.d. Total outgo= less than $2. two dollars.

You could say, yes Frank but the above tourists did not have to 'worry' about anything they just got in a taxi and went to their destination. 

 But they are worried and complaining and their experience was negative. Local currency $100 to $200 is $30 to $70 u.s. dollars for what should be at most a $7 u.s.dollar ride in a taxi, or if you do it the way we did it, a total of $2. two u.s. bucks.

So if you were trying to calculate your FAT FIRE number, which figures would you use? Would you be like the guy that thinks he needs $2MIllion to FIRE to Columbia. A country where total household income averages $1200 per month or less.

I don't say these things to brag but to enlighten you. This theme also plays out whether we travel abroad or embrace the Financial Independent and early retire lifestyle at home.

After all, some of the most notable people in this space will tell you and have been telling you for years that how you spend money is the most important ingredient, although the other ingredients are important too.

Feel free to share your experience of where and when the 'you get what you pay for' cliche did not hold true for you, and any other cliches you can think of that possibly could be getting in the way of your embracing the FIRE lifestyle asap.

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