Wednesday, March 18, 2020


I see confusion everywhere in this space.

The thing is that there is a synergy in life. 

Everything works together to re inforce everything else. The thing that is the foundation of it all, is your belief.

Stay with me, I'm not having a fluffy detached conversation about belief.

People take a bottom up apprach, i.e. the ultimate goal is F.I.R.E which ends up at the bottom as a doing it now thing.

What's at the top? A financial figure, a budget, amount needed for health care 20 years from now etc. etc. I say this is backwards.

First, let's ask ourselves what F.I.R.E really is. My definition is FREEDOM. 

I have learned to value my freedom above all else, and everything else works synergystically with that idea.

Example...because I value my freedom, I will not work a full time job. It follows that because I have time freedom, I am able to study on a long term basis a lot of things that interest me. One of them has always been health.

I learn what it takes to have a healthy life, one that has no need for institutional health care on a day by day basis, but if I need it that's fine too.

I don't expect anyone that is not there, to immediately accept the last part, but if you are open minded enough to realize that there is something to that then maybe you will accept that it is possible.

I see people throw around figures for health care that boggle my mind. I could travel the world with my wife indefinetly on only the annual figure some people spend on 'healthcare'.

 And I'm not talking about people with chronic diseases.

But if I had to have a full time job and a long commute and all the stress that goes along with that and the lack of time to study all of the things that interest me including how to be a healthy person, then I would fall into the trap of believing things that don't necessarily have to be that way.

The longer we stay on the treadmill, the more entrenched the treadmill belief system becomes. Synergy. 

The power ultimately rests in us. We have to believe that freedom is the most important asset we have, and to that end, we want to F.I. earlier and R.E. better.

 That's what I've been doing for decades.

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