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Wednesday, March 18, 2020


I could have bought this car. It is $189k brand new, and the opportunity to snatch a bullet proof Mercedes for $5k was almost irresistible.

It was def. love at first sight.

 It was the middle of the great recession, and the only reason it was that inexpensive.

It would have jived with my numbers, meaning that $5k over 20 years is only $250 per year for actual vehicle cost plus running costs.

And I have had cars that lasted 17 years, for the 'runner' of the bunch. This one would have sat on the sidelines and rolled out once in a while.

But take a look at the engine: One look tells me, and maybe you, it's def. not a do it yourself thing.

As beautiful and luxurious as the car was, I had to pass on it for that reason. 

Now, if you're not a car person, you may not notice in the picture of the old Datsun engine, (separate post) where everything is right there and reachable.

This means easy as pie do it yourself tune ups. I owned one of those and a baby could have done the maintenance on that one. The cost of car maintenance has gone through the roof in recent years.

It wasn't the price tag on the bulletproof Mercedes that was the problem, it was the commitment level to ownership.

So you see, there is a lot more to this type of discussion. So if I'm spending $5k or $10k on a car, all of a sudden I am committed to getting that repair because I have a lot more at stake.

The beauty of my vehicle expense system was exactly designed to avoid this issue. And it's not just the money part, its the fact that the more I put into it for repairs, the more committed I become to ownership.

Instead, with my system, my commitment level was very light and easy. Almost non existent actually.

And that means peace of mind for me. Your peace of mind thresh hold may be different.

But no matter what it is in terms of finances, is it getting you where you want to be right now?

Because perhaps there are lots of ways of baking a cake but if you want to get from point A to point B as soon as possible, have more disposable income and better standard of living, 

less feeling of austerity and deprivation, retire sooner, and/or better, whatever it is that is stumping you right now,

 there is someone out there that has the expertise and can plug you into his system to loosen that up and change your life.

Someone that has been there done that for decades. That someone is your coach, that's what a coach is for, to get you over the hump and achieve your happiness.

So don't be shy, reach out and DM me, and I will send you a link for a complimentary call, where we discuss where you are, where you'd like to be, 

and what it would look like for you to get there with our help, and if not, then at the very least we'll do our best to get you crystal clear on what direction you should go.

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