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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

 Gold and Silver prices 2020.


A while back I made a post about the metals being at a resistance point, and how all the talking heads were getting real jumpy about the metals going to the moon. 

I also clearly showed you by analyzing the charts of various commodities, that right about when all the talking heads start getting real jumpy and saying prices are going to the moon, in the past it has always been a top.

Is this a top? Well the steam has come out of the metals at this point, which is major resistance, plz. *see chart. 

 However they can still make new highs. My sense is that it will depend on what will happen at the election.

The white lines are the macro trend, and the yellow line is major resistance.  

I'm an analyst. I look at the price and see what it tells me. 

 Please don't ask me to predict the future, its not about having a crystal ball. 

Anything can happen, its all about what is more likely to happen. 

The talking heads play crystal ball, and they seem to be wrong most of the time.


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