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Friday, January 8, 2021

 F.I.R.E.  Retire Early Lifestyle.

So a few months ago, I gave my analysis on the precious metals markets. 
 Some of you like to buy some gold and silver for the long term, and I also know that many newly fired F.I.R.E. people like to also try their hand at short term trading. No judgements here. Only support, encouragement and some insight. 
At that time, I said that all of the talking heads were bullish, and I said that usually, that is a sign that a top is near.
 I also made a video about that and in that video I covered several commodities markets to show that the premise above has held true throughout the all or most of the previous bull markets.
The useful analysis is that if you are a long term buy and hold for the long haul, that this would not be the best time to buy, however if you are a short term trader, look for sell signals at the top. 
 Top Yellow Line, Red Arrow= sell and for long term buy signals look for them at the bottom of the MACRO TREND CHANNEL, White Lines Sloping Downward. Green Arrow.
At the bottom of that channel is where I would be looking to buy for long term buy and hold. 
 Please remember that these are not buy sell recommendations or investment recommendations. I offer my personal analysis as a courtesy to my readers, and it is what I am doing or looking to be doing. 
 Thank you for being here, and as always your comments are welcome. Are you a trader? Are you looking for long term investment? Please tell us in the comments.

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