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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Everyone's Lying to Us Folks during Our Early Retirement Abroad

Everyone's Lying to Us Folks during Our Early Retirement Abroad. We need to expose the truth and stand up for our beliefs. 
00:00 Introduction
01:34 EVERYONE'S Lying to Us Folks!
02:20 Liars are good at creating the "illusion of truth"
03:09 What is a good citizen? Is it going along with lies!
03:57 I'm my own "ministry of truth" not anyone or any institution.
05:42 People NEED to Stand Up for Truth!
05:53 Always a new health scare but who believes it!!
07:46 Hidden Biolab found in California with dangerous viruses
08:56 Sunlight and humidity kill viruses
09:53 The hoax everyone fell for in Ecuador
12:34 Help people see the truth by EXPOSING THE TRUTH!
15:05 EXPOSE EVIL and it will flee

Live your Best Life now! We believe in living the lifestyle you desire to live EARLY rather than delaying your life plans until your later retirement years. People often tell us they really like our perspective on retirement, current events and other newsy bits. We hope you do too. Be safe-take care!

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