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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Officials Warn: This Will Be the Next Global Disaster to Strike during Our Retire Early

Officials Warn:This Will Be the Next Global Disaster to Strike during Our Retire Early 8:53
00:00 Intro
00:21 Americans want to escape the USA
01:01 International travel and bodily trespass
03:37 We're NOT GOING to promote countries that are vowing to starve people
07:53 We warned about earthquakes in Ecuador and then earthquake hit!
08:53 WARNING: One of three things will happen in 2023-2024
10:56 People think we're trying to spoil their "live abroad dream"!
12:02 We're a Testament to NOT DELAY your life"!
15:31 You want to travel abroad and KEEP your bodily autonomy?  

Live your Best Life now! We believe in living the lifestyle you desire to live EARLY rather than delaying your life plans until your later retirement years. People often tell us they really like our perspective on retirement, current events and other newsy bits. We hope you do too. Be safe-take care!

Welcome to Gringo Good Samaritans, integrated with our 8 years of living in Cuenca Ecuador and traveling the world. We create informative videos and articles helping people come to awareness of what's happening in our world so they can enjoy their retire early lifestyle with their families, healthy, happy and free! Because ultimately, YOU are in control, of your destiny!

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