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Thursday, August 31, 2023

SURPRISE! The Whole Live Abroad Industry Is Lying to You! by Retire Early

Beware! The Whole Live Abroad Industry Is Lying to You! 9:21
00:00 INTRO
02:17 What do we do when everything around us is a lie?
02:49 80% of Americans say they don't trust institutions
03:27 Control food, money, religion and truth control the people
06:57 Big food corps playing tricks with the food labels
09:21 Can we escape food tampering when we go abroad? NO!
10:08 People NEED to KNOW what's in their food for health safety!
11:17 The "live abroad industry" is one big commercial game
3:06 PV Spearheading digital drivers license
14:52 They *the globalist* want to enslave and control you


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