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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Parents Regret Doing This and Their Children Are Now Communists!

Parents Regret Doing THIS To Their Children-The Insider Truth! 6:50 - 14:07
00:00 Intro - walking thru popular area of PTO
03:54 Will the housing market crash? Why or why not.
04:58 Humans could become endangered
06:50 The age of decentralization (home-schooling)
08:15 Asking permission to carry-out a God-given right is CRAZY!
09:24 Do you send your children to strangers every day?
10:44 The bad actors WANT to break up families!
11:27 The agenda of centralization (satan)
12:48 We home-schooled our three sons
14:16 Crocodile spotted in Puerto Vallarta Estuary

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