12 countries in 12 years


Frank and Angie have been living the F.I.R.E. financial independence retire early lifestyle for over 30 years.

In the last ten years they have been internationalizing their life.  

A life long student of observation and with a love for freedom they and their three sons love to explore and partake of any and all options for increasing their freedom, whether at home or abroad and help others do the same.

Frank has owned and managed dozens of small businesses and also spends time helping people as a lay minister and a devoted husband and family man.

An expert in the art of living well, he has spent a couple of decades living a FAT F.I.R.E lifestyle on a LEAN F.I.R.E effort in the u.s.a.  
(F.I.R.E.= Financial Independence Retire Early)

This sometimes makes it hard to catch up with him while he's busy goofing off, or bringing his wife breakfast in bed.

Frank loves to travel and has taken his wife and sons all over the u.s.a full time r.v.'ing at the age of 30, at times spending months boon docking on the beach, toes in the sand in his 30 foot r.v.

He loves to help others and offers coaching and consulting to anyone that would like to follow in his footsteps.

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