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  1. Hello Frank and Angie,

    Yes, sooooo sad day in Ecuador ! I just watched video from 16th and 18th U posted and it is so true, I feel the same way. I have my son here now with me, he is 34 and he is probably flying back to US, wanted extend his visa another 90 days, I also have a puppy and can not take it to US! Why did they do it? To prevent people from taking their pets?
    That is cruelty. And what are you going to do and your sons and Brandon with family? My US passport expires on 28 of September, wanted to renew it here but maybe I will go and renew it in US, not sure yet. I like Ecuador but they are killing it, now Loja is about to die with their vax mandates and I just read about what is in vax and what it does to blood to people who take vax. I wish you still have your videos opened to comments, there is no option there. But I am still following you and agree with you 100%. I live not far from you, in Medio Ejido . Edificio Amanda and when I walk to Americas, I see your building and think about you, I also walk by your first apartment with that little garden, now they have two more floors.

    Your friend Libby, hejdukova2@yahoo.com


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