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DIY Cuenca Ecuador Landing Guide


"This guide will save the reader hundreds of dollars in a two or three week stay, and it will save thousands of dollars in just the first year of living in Cuenca. Do not pass this guide up!" --B. Quinn Pacific Northwest

Books are available in paperback and eBook - Both versions have the same content


About the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide
Everything you need to know to Land on your feet and start running your own show in Cuenca Ecuador! 

"I plan to come in Cuenca in a few months, and your guide is the best I ever had in my hands. This new version is even better. You are the only ones which seems "real"-- Erick, from Montréal, Canada.

Inside the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide Frank and Angie bring you more of the same – holding nothing back—from the ground up—practical and informative Ecuador details that you have come to trust them to deliver to you.  If it's your first time here and this is where you landed, check out the rest of our website.  We're not just writers. We have a longstanding reputation...

  "I am just trying to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. That is what I like about your site, nothing is candy coated." Doug M. North Carolina

We Did Not 'Tour' Ecuador for a few weeks, and then write a book on Cuenca or Ecuador: Readers of our Discover Cuenca website blog know that we have been living here on a daily basis for a number of years and going local within the community. That means we have done all the footwork already to make our own lives easier, more fulfilling, and less expensive, not to mention, less stressful! Now you too can know what we have learned, but without all the mistakes. 


On Lower Priced Rentals:  Rental resources not well known or widely circulated within the expat community.  This is the secret to finding an economical, furnished or unfurnished apartment or hostel for long or short term stays, -- at lower local rates, fast!!! You will have at your fingertips everything you’ll need to make your stay easier, more fulfilling, less expensive, and less stressful!  PLUS FULLY DETAILED ANALYSIS AND EXAMPLES OF SCAMS, SWINDLES AND RIPOFFS IN THE RENTAL MARKET AND HOW TO AVOID THEM.

"I've bought all your books and have enjoyed them a lot as well as learned a lot from them. It gives one courage to know what to do, how to do it and where to do it and what to expect. I negotiated $265/month down from $300 for a brand new three bedroom apartment. It has marble floors with parquet in the bedrooms. Thank you!"  John B. St Louis Missouri

On Safety in Cuenca:  Don't be like the retired American couple that said:  "we followed all the advice on the forums, but we were still knocked down on the ground in broad daylight just around the corner from the busy city center and the police - we were robbed during the day". When we saw one little detail they mentioned, we immediately saw why this happened to them.  Had they read the DY Cuenca Landing Guide, they would not have omitted this detail that got them robbed. 

On Immigration:  List of documents you will need, including interviews with expats outlining their insightful personal experiences with Immigration.
This Cuenca Landing Guide will save you many times the purchase price in real dollar terms - and in time saved.   
"This guide will save the reader hundreds of dollars in a two or three week stay, and it will save thousands of dollars in just the first year of living in Cuenca. Do not pass this guide up!" --B. Quinn Pacific Northwest


Take the fear and trepidation out of landing in a new foreign city and orient yourself like a pro, without having to hire a guide!  After reading this Cuenca guide book you will know the old town area better than someone that has lived here for years.  No more wasting your precious time just trying to figure out where everything is, or paying a facilitator $75-$100 to orient you around town just to show you the tired and worn average gringo spots. 

You will know, not only where it is, but what it looks like and how to get there, before you even step off the plane. Then, get off the plane, know how to grab a taxi, how to get to the hostel, where it is, what it looks like, what to pay, etc. fully detailed to assist you dear reader.  PLUS DETAIL ON HOW TO GET ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT ONCE YOU ARRIVE AT HOSTEL IN THE GUIDE

It’s like letting the authors Frank and Angie take you by the hand and showing you the ins and outs of Cuenca.  Let them take you around town, with vivid color photos, clearly defined maps and concise instructions.
You won’t be a bumbling gringo…you will be a respected gringo for knowing your way.  When we first arrived in Cuenca, for two weeks we bumbled around like a family of chickens with their head cut off. Everything is in Spanish, everyone talks Spanish, and so most new-comers end up patronizing only the English run shops, restaurants, and stores, at corresponding North American prices! But we didn’t do that!  We went local and YOU can too, when you own the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide!
We will show you how to have a Cell Phone and a Landline for under $10 per month, because, we’re doing it now! Step by step instructions, including how to set up automatic bill paying for your utilities out of your bank account.
In Addition, you will know the nitty gritty of Ecuadorian culture and what going local truly means. No more being despised by the locals for being a rich Gringo.
We’ve been pounding the streets on a daily basis just like the locals, intentionally staying away from gringo establishments and getting to the bottom line of life in Ecuador, living well on small means and enjoying life to the fullest, just like the Ecuadorians do.

"I really loved that Cuenca guide and I am not sorry for spending money on Quito guide. My boy friend is getting the Coastal guide. I know I am going to find lots of useful information. It is a real GUIDE I can rely on.  Thanks for taking time and effort for doing, making it." --- Libby
We share our most charming and precious local experiences in the Cuenca Landing Guide, giving you the real flavor of Ecuador. These anecdotal educational real stories will help you understand what it’s really like to go local, and why you should consider it if you're serious about relocating to Ecuador.  Angie wanted to post the funny and factual insightful stories and educational experiences on the blog, but Frank kept telling her to wait and share the best for last in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide.
Short Term Stays
7 days to 30 days
Hostels –starting from $8! We share photos of hostels and their rooms with contact details. The frugal hostel finds in this guide book are clean, a great value, friendly staff, and we personally have been in each hostel checking it out for you, even the linens. We’re not going to send you to a dumpy place. If we wouldn’t stay there then it will not be posted in this Cuenca book.
Longer Term Stays
14 days to 6 months or longer
Apartments for Rent!  As of this writing it is getting more difficult to find  furnished rentals at a decent price. But they are out there and with the resources we provide in this guide book, a little patience and bargaining, you’ll still be able to find a decent place to stay that will not break your pocket book.
How to deal with rental agents, if you end up wanting to use one.  We offer free email support with this guidebook, let us know…we’ll help. 
Also included:
Clear Address Instructions with Maps!
Everything within (old Cuenca) Walking Distance 

What you’re missing away from Old Cuenca…
How and What Bus to Take 
Pictures to Recognize Spots 
Lots of Photos and Landmarks 
Personal Experience Recommendations 
Frugal Places to Stay with Clean and Cozy Rooms
rooms starting at just $8! -- PHOTOS of each Hostel + Additional Discounts

Rental Contacts and Resources 
How to find rentals that are not advertised 
The inside scoop on Condo and Real Estate purchases 
Examples of scams, swindles and rip offs in the rental market
Ecuadorian prices on dental work—full listing 
Free Email Support + Services 
What Stores to Shop at and where they are located, within Walking Distance 
Lists of Ecuadorian Schools and International Schools 
Learn Spanish-Spanish Instruction resources
Volunteering, long list of resources
What to do for fun, where to go 
And much, much, more!
WARNING:  with this guide in your hands, you will have the full understanding of what it’s really like to live in Cuenca Ecuador and you may decide it’s not for you after all, or-- decide you are not going to wait any longer to jump into your new life in Cuenca Ecuador and move here next week.  See you then!!!

"I am not suffering from so much sensory overload as I experienced when I first arrived, having gone to many of the places in your landing guide, which I found incredible in both its detail and up-to-date information. I congratulate you on being diligent in your efforts to create such a valuable item for those of us moving to Ecuador. The amount of incredibly important information contained in the document more than pays for itself. I think to myself...the cost of ten trips from Mall Del Rio equals the cost of the landing guide! Wow!" --Brian Osburn from New Mexico

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