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Do You Want to Know about Panama? Here's just a few of our adventures, personal experiences when traveling within Panama. We traveled the whole country as the locals would, bringing our readers and viewers all the nitty-gritty details, experiences and stories to help you make a more informed decision.

ARTICLES about Panama (Central America)

10 Aspects about Panama Life and the People
Panama is a bit different than Ecuador when it comes to favorite sport. It's baseball. Find out more about Panama life by clicking the title.

Where Is (some of) the Best Food Prices in Panama?
We went to every major grocery store in Panama that includes REY, SUPER99, and MACHATAZO, and so far the best prices are to be found at PRICEMART Membership Grocery.

Taking a Taxi in Panama City 1. 
We took taxis on many occasions while visiting Panama. They aren't that expensive and it is a great way to take the camera out and video different parts of the city. 

What's It Like to Take the National Bus in Panama?
The long distance buses are great in Panama; this article explains the nitty-gritty of what to expect, the video is our experience traveling by bus from Panama City to David, Panama. 

Panama Is Not a Better Place to Retire, According to Us! 
Panama is not better; Ecuador is not better. Both cities are what they are for those who live there. Comparisons are OK when it comes to facts, such as crime, cost of living, and abundance of food, but when it comes to opinions, we shouldn't compare. Paradise is in the eyes of the beholder. 

Why Crimes Are Minimized in "So Called" Paradises Abroad?
All over the Internet crime is minimized and played down and unsuspecting foreigners are moving to areas with high crimes and being targeted. Just want you all to be aware of this.

Here are some of the positive and negative facts about both cities to help people choose which city is better for them. However, always check out any city first before uprooting your life and moving to a new, different location.

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  1. I was in the Army in Panama 87-91 and return often. I was planning to retire there, but it is no longer the paradise it was for many reasons.

    First, it is vastly overpopulated in PC. The infrastructure can't support the population. Especially in terms of traffic. Housing is virtuatally at US prices in the city (sure, you can find good prices outside of the city). Taxis are not metered and will try to rip you off pretty much every time you get one. Service is pathetic in most places and as you say, it is hotter than hell.

    Finally, there are way too many expats and dumb ones at that. I have met people who have lived there 7 years who can't order a meal in Spanish and seen expats get very rude with workers because they don't speak english. Overall, 80% of the expats are complete tools to avoid. Like alot of retirement havens, many expats simply cocoon with others. Not my thing, but I probably am coming across too harsh.

    On the positive side, good food! Great fishing (Panama is an Indian word that means "abundance of fish"), Scuba diving, all kinds of outdoor sports and good people.

    I still love the place, but it is way too big now.


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