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How We Save $Thousands in Cuenca Ecuador

               You Wouldn't Believe How Much Money We

  Are Saving by Building Our Own Furniture!!  
(All the furniture is made from Eucalyptus Wood)
 Have you recently moved to Cuenca and have an empty apartment or house? It's not a very nice situation to be in; we know, because it happened to us. So, we bought some tools and we are building our own furniture.

                                                      Couch Table or Console Table
click here to see this couch table being built

       Round Dining Table and Chairs

Click photos to enlarge
 This furniture is sturdy and comfortable 

Rustic Hardwood Dining Furniture
This dining table is very sturdy. Seats 6 to 8 people comfortably.

Self sufficiency works!

 Bed Frames (Twin-double-Queen)

Utility Clothes Closet
Click here to see more pictures of this clothes closet

In this video Angelo built me a computer desk, bath shelf, corner shelf, and a coat rack!  Click on the video below!

Funky Chairs we built using scrap wood that was left over from all the furniture building

 Big Rustic Coffee Table

Would you like to build your own couch? Here's Brandon sharing a video tutorial on couch building using eucalyptis wood. If you have questions email us from the contact button at the top of the blog. 


Equipment you will need for building the couch you see in this tutorial

Wood You Will Need to Build This Couch

12 to 14 - 1 X 6  boards (wood of your choice)

Tools You Will Need

Box of 2" screws
Box of 3" screws

Skilsaw (circular saw)
Tape Measure
Straight edge
Stain and Lacquer
and your labor of love

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