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Monday, January 12, 2015

5 Top Mistakes People Make to Get Healthy

Many folks when they become challenged with a health issue go to extremes to try and remedy the issue, however, the extremes they go to can carry with them even more negative health consequences.  It’s important to understand that “food assimilation” and “eating healthy” are both the central point of a healthy lifestyle and therefore all of the other techniques for becoming healthy are secondary to first having a clean colon and eating a healthy food diet.

1. Reduction Dieting & Diet Plans

Reduced dieting does not work and can be bad for your health. Tell someone they can’t have something and they will want it even more. Dieting is like that; it is one of those things that at first may appear to work and you might even lose weight, however in most cases the weight comes back on but worse.  Why is that? Read on.

Why Reduction Diets Do Not Work! The problem with trying to eat less calories is unless a person is a nutritionists and knows how to eat right to fuel the body with wholesome foods, the dieter will remain hungry and unsatisfied. This feeling of needing vitamins and minerals is not just a physical sensation but it becomes an emotional one as well. Eventually the dieter will binge on the wrong types of foods, such as sugary carbohydrates and fats. This is where obesity comes in.  Overweight and obese people have two things in common: 1. they are starving themselves, and 2. they are toxic from poor food absorption.

The body needs wholesome, nutritious foods to sustain fullness and satisfaction after eating. Salads are not enough to sustain the body because in the long run you will feel deprived, and again, void of complete nutrition. DARK LEAFY GREEN salads are nutritious but the body needs much more than just that.  Eating only salads or, binge eating on certain foods on a long term basis is not balanced and so your body will not be balanced either.

              2. Totally Raw Food Diet

Raw foods are the best type of foods you can eat, however, going totally raw, unless you know how to obtain complete nutrition is 1) like a reduction diet and 2) most folks we see that eat only raw foods are not that healthy.  They usually are too thin, weak, and look dried out and dehydrated.  You really NEED to know what you are doing to be healthy eating only raw.

Our motto is to “keep things simple” and that is what a lot of people like about our educational writings.  Going totally raw is a bad way to try and get healthy and is truly not needed to be healthy for most people, as there’s a lot more to know about that subject.   There are exceptions for people with near imminent death due to prolonged improper eating habits.

Qualification: The best eating lifestyle is not going to be eating only raw foods or going on a reduction diet, but eating WHOLE (cooked) FOODS paired with a variety of raw foods. Going 50% to 70% raw foods paired with 30% to 50% cooked whole foods will sustain the body well, while giving it the optimal energy it needs for simple daily tasks; 60% raw foods and 40% cooked whole foods lifestyle would be fine for older folks who are not that active but only somewhat active.  People who are more active will need to eat more carbohydrates and proteins in their raw meals, such as nuts and seeds, peanut butter, EV olive oil, and more oily fruits like avocados and coconut(s).

         3. Allowing Doctors to Control Your
                   Health thru Medications

Medications are not what the body needs when it becomes ailed with a condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, obesity, fibromyalgia, ADHD, hyperglycemia, heart problems, food intolerance's, etc, etc; Medications are only masking the real health problems; it’s like taking aspirin for constant headaches. If someone is getting headaches often it means there is an outlying reason (root cause) why they are experiencing headaches all the time, and that aspirin cannot and will not cure it.

NOTE: It is not recommended to go off any medication without the watchful eye of an authority in natural health or a medical doctor if you’re under their supervision.

Our bodies are created in such a way that they do best with natural, wholesome, untampered-with foods and herbs.  The minute we veer from the “natural, whole foods road lifestyle” is the minute our bodies begin a slow decline towards an uncomfortable life to death. I say uncomfortable because our bodies are not tolerating the foods we are giving it, plus anyone who has never cleansed will not absorb (nutrients) and assimilate the foods they eat in the proper way, nutritionally speaking. When the body is toxic and clogged it only gets worse, until you cleanse the system out.  More on that below.

Here’s something I bet your doctor never told you: 95% of health problems STEM from toxicity and poor digestion and assimilation of the foods we eat.

All healthy individuals have one thing in common. Do you know what that is? Physically and mentally healthy folks MAKE FOOD THEIR MEDICINE. Meaning, they know “what foods to eat” and “when to eat them” for a “healthy body and a healthy outlook on life. 

What we eat has a lot to do with how we feel on an emotional level, not just physical level. Our brain, just like our other bodily organs absolutely needs the proper foods to make it feel good so we feel good; the brain is the part of our body that makes up our temperament and emotional outlook.  

When we provide our bodies with the right foods, our brain actually releases a chemical signaling to us that we are happy and feel great. However, on the other side of that coin when we treat our bodies with unhealthy food and drink, this “happy chemical” stays hidden and this is where negative emotions and bad temper stem from. We have much more to say about emotional health and how it is connected to our eating lifestyle here.

             4.  Going on Fad Programs and
                  New-Age Healing Methods

We’ve met people, who swear up and down the Atkins diet is the way to go; or folks that have gone completely on raw foods; some people think taking colloidal silver will save them from their poor eating habits; still some go on really wacky new-age healing techniques; or they go on reduction diets; you hear water melon is good for you and so you go get water melon drops, or bottled
chlorophyll, or bottled enzymes or vitamin E pills.

You hear about how so and so went on a new diet plan, again, etc, etc,  Not that these things aren't good for you, because some of it is, however, doing these things will not make a person healthy. We’ve left out so many ways people try to feel better and look better because there are so many. 

God did not make being/getting healthy a chore; it is not difficult but rather something you do like brushing your teeth. There are “whole foods” and there are “tampered with foods”. Choose!

Two Examples are: White rice vs. Brown rice. One is whole and the other tampered with. Whole Wheat Flour vs. White fortified flour. One is whole the other is tampered with. But there is a bit more to it than just eating right. We have to start out with a clean slate. We do not want a slate board that still needs erased, otherwise it won’t matter how good we eat. We can eat all the whole, clean foods we want but if our slate (digestive tract) is dirty it won’t matter too much. This is why some people may go on really good eating diets but still feel tired and not up to par.  Read on...

The real essential aspect of good health begins with how clean our body is, starting from the inside out. We can eat “good”,  and we can go on all the diet programs, and we can take colloidal silver, and we can become vegetarians but none of these things will WORK to fix health issues in a toxic body!  Read on for important news about your health.

                       5. Belief Suspension

Suspending your beliefs on what can be accomplished through nature. That is, creation. Believing in creation is the foundation of a new attitude and a new life, and that’s what we’re talking about.  Whether its foot and back pain, acid reflux, feeling tired or what have you, it all boils down to our attitude which stems from our beliefs.  Can we really be healed through knowledge and experience? Our answer is YES you can. We’ve done it and so can you.  Frank used to be partially disabled, but standing on the foundation of belief that creation had an answer, he received that answer and is a living testimony of his new international life in Ecuador.  See more below.

                   Let Food Be Your Medicine

Years ago, Frank and I were afflicted with some negative health issues until we began to entertain natural health remedies for our health problems and this was when we were in our twenties and thirties! In our new book we share 25 years of experience dealing with natural ways to heal the body. It was a long journey but we learned a lot about natural health and are so much healthier now.

Most but not all health problems boil down to one major problem within our body, a toxic system and never cleansing. Most people have a clogged colon and are full of toxins and they don’t even know it. Essentially, a body that is toxic means the bowel tract is dirty. Now-a-days the major food supply is not clean unless 1) we grow our own food / farm our own animals or 2) buy organic from the local growers and farmers. It's sad but true.

For Consideration: Where do all the contaminated residues from the foods we eat go within the body? Well, they try and pass through the organs, the liver, kidneys, intestines, etc, however, if we are too toxic our organs cannot do their job properly and eventually they will just stop functioning normally. And what about just eating an improper diet without ever cleansing the body? This is why we  begin to feel sick and tired.

In a nutshell let us be blunt and explain how it works. Our organs can only take so much before they begin feeling the effects of poor diet.  A toxic state begins to be felt in our organs, bones, and tendons, and the arterial system, the lungs, the skin, the feet and back, the liver and kidneys, and brain, and as young as in our teenage years! If we do not start to take care of our health, what happens?

If we continue to eat poorly and never cleanse the body, we will start to receive the symptoms of hardening of the arteries, bronchial infections, IBS, food intolerance, allergies, food (sugar) addictions, overweight, sugar highs and lows, rashes, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, emotional outbursts, alcoholism, ADD, fibromyalgia, etc, etc…you get the idea, right.

These health issues are not normal, and are not directly caused from growing older…these health conditions are the direct cause of a toxic system and unhealthy eating habits.  Let me explain: People like to blame their negative health on old age, however they are just getting older and getting older does not have to come with suffering!!

This is very important to know, we can be eating the best of foods in our eating lifestyle but if our bowels are dirty it will not matter because the essential nutrients from the foods we eat will be blocked from the blood system.

We are very serious when we say you should read Better Health, Better Life!! and then apply it into your life. It’s not about us tooting our own horn; it’s about you having better health! The book will give you a better understanding of the health conditions mentioned above and a whole lot more.  

Sadly, many folks are skeptical about natural health and will never really heal themselves of their ailments because their doctor told them all they need is THIS DRUG and they'll feel/be better! Of course that appears to work until they again need more drug(s).

However, those folks who do apply the simple life-giving solutions we recommend in our book, will FEEL so much better that they will wonder why it took them so long to take action!!  They will literally be mad at themselves for not taking action years ago!! Then they will come to know why applying these simple health strategies into their life was one of the most important and wisest things they ever did for themselves. Purchasers of the book can email us with their questions at anytime.

Frank and Angie Lewis are natural health practitioners for over twenty-five years and have been engaged in the study of health for 4 decades.  They have applied the natural health solutions in their book Better Health, Better Life to their own lives, drastically improving their health and living a better more energetic, fulfilled life. This is why we are sharing with you now…we are living testimonies.

We're an Expat Family of Five Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy in Cuenca Ecuador! Enjoy the Discover Cuenca Ecuador blog!

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