$500 Cuenca Ecuador Condo Tour in Popular Expat Neighborhood.

$500 Cuenca Ecuador Condo Tour in Popular Neighborhood. Let us know if you would like to see more Cuenca Ecuador home tours. Gringos love Remigio Crespo area for it's many restaurants and nightlife, plus it's walking distance to El Vergel Supermaxi grocery store.

House Rental vs. Condo Rental in Cuenca Ecuador - Which is BETTER for You!

House Rental vs. Condo Rental: Each person and or family has different needs and preferences when it comes to renting abroad and this video shows you some of those differences that some people might like to know, such as advantages and disadvantages of renting either a detached house or a condo with 24/7 security. Only you can decide which is BETTER for you and your situation and preferences. 

Secrets to Recognize Property Bubbles in Latin America vs. USA - Avoid Gringo Vicious Cycle

Avoid the gringo vicious cycle! Latin American real estate markets can fool you if you're not paying close attention to these secrets. Yes, there are certain things to look out for to recognize a property bubble in a Latin American country and here they are.