Live Well Abroad Instruction

                    DONE FOR YOU SERVICE

Deep unbiased third party due diligence of your chosen cities abroad. 
Know for sure if your chosen location will meet your needs, and make better more informed choices like a pro.
Comprehensive report delivered within ten days.  Let us know if you need speedy delivery.

Up to two cities. 

Email us at  gringo good samaritan  at yahoo   dot   com all one word.
So one city is $297, two cities is $297 etc. If 3 cities then another $297.  4 cities same so total for 4 cities  $297 x 2 = $594Number of cities is set at time of payment.   INTRODUCTORY OFFER,  LIMITED TIME, PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE 

Want to take charge of your live abroad experience?

How would you like to do what we’ve been doing for years.  

                  DO IT LIKE A PRO

After taking these video instruction classes you will find a great and affordable place to retire abroad because you will...
                   OPTION ONE of THREE - GOOD SERVICE
Know what to do and how to do it, make your live abroad plans come true.

Six months access with email support

Email us for payment instructions gringo  good  samaritan  at   yahoo  dot com  all one word.

                                  OPTION 2 OF THREE   BETTER SERVICE

  Everything in option one.  Lifetime access and one year email support and total of four live question and answer sessions one per week for four weeks.

                                               OPTION 3 OF THREE,  ROYAL SERVICE

   Email us to set up a call   gringo good samaritan at yahoo dot com all one word.

Check Out These Relevant Videos: 

Here's an entertaining look at the subject of crowds and going abroad. Love this one and a half hour movie with Laurel and Hardy:

 The ROYAL service class is for you if you're committed to being abroad for the long haul, and you are excited about being a member of a community that not only wants to get the locally priced rentals but wants to know everything there is to know about living abroad in any country of your choosing. With lifetime access I envision a smart tribe of like minded people that want the best of the best, la crème de la crème of living abroad. This could entail things such as sharing our best finds, rentals, air bnbs etc. The sky is the limit to what we can do together. Welcome aboard. Frank and Angie 

Prices are introductory offers and are subject to change without notice.