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What makes the difference between those who make it abroad and those who don't?  Whether its Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Europe etc.

Write us at   gringo  good samaritan  (at sign) yahoo dot com


So, look no further if you are looking to settle here and if you want to avoid painful experiences in your every day life... Visit their sites and enjoy a delightful experience in moving to Cuenca, Ecuador.... They are the ONLY folks we have met here and that will give it to you as it is with no frills.

 You CAN live in Cuenca, on a tight budget if you know what you are doing; and Angie and Frank DEFINITELY know what they are talking about and what to do and how to do it. So don't get gouged and arrange a visit with them... you won't regret it!

Their contact gringogoodsamaritan AT yahoo DOT com: … They have many many thrilled and grateful folks that could not have done it without them.... We are among these and I understand and speak Spanish relatively decently! Frank, Angie, Brandon.... You are simply the best! --- Patrick and Elly from France


Thank you for making our move possible by all that you and your family do.  I don’t know that we would have moved forward choosing Ecuador without all the unvarnished real life videos and info on the blog, the landing guide, your time answering questions, not to mention handling everything with the house.  Grant C.  Coeur D'Alene Idaho

 You know, I really ought to thank you. Without your service, I never would have hopped on a plane to experience a foreign country.  What you did opened a door to permit me to do something that I otherwise would have walked away from.  I hope you understand the extent to which your assistance is more than merely help in renting apartments.  ~William Kern. New Jersey

               Access to 2 hours of video instruction
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