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Better Health Better Life

Better Health Better Life

Health impacts four areas of our lives; physical, mental and emotional and spiritual. Having all four in good balance with one another means we have reached wellbeing.  Having good health positively impacts our relationships with others and provides a good mental and spiritual outlook on life. Frank and Angie strive to be fit and healthy and take strides to work towards a happy, long, and fruitful marriage and family life. 

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Do You Love an Alcoholic? Allow us to offer encouragement. We've been there and done that and now we share with you the positive results of an addiction healed and a marriage saved!

The Alcoholism Trap - 


Detach from an Alcoholic Spouse -  


We share healthy cooking recipes, informative and up-to-date articles about natural health and living in Ecuador and beyond.   

Health Articles Written from
our home in Cuenca Ecuador

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