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Thursday, October 22, 2015

5 Natural Healing Remedies Found in Most Kitchen Pantries

These are a few of the natural remedies we have applied to some of our family emergencies. All of these healing remedies work when applied properly; we’ve applied these remedies over and over again. Some folks are leery of natural remedies but these healing remedies cannot harm the body because they are not processed chemicals but very natural and absolutely safe to use. 



Next time your child has an earache blend up three tablespoons olive oil with one clove of garlic in your blender until smooth. Have your child lie down with the hurt ear face up. With an ear syringe apply three or four drops into the ear, allowing the oil to drip down into the ear canal.  Have a damp washcloth handy in case any of it drips down onto your child's neck.

Make sure your child stays lying down while the oil and garlic mixture drains down into the ear canal completely, about a half hour or so. After about five or ten minutes your child will tell you that it tickles inside his or her ear; this means it is working.  Repeat the application three times a day or when your child complains of pain.

The oil cleans out the earwax and the garlic heals the infection. Within a few days the earache will be healed. No more earache, no more doctors! You can now cure the common earache yourself! Amazing, isn't it? I know this works well because I used to have three little boys...that are now three big boys, and we used this remedy every time.


It never fails, it’s late at night, on a weekend and your tooth begins to ache terribly. You’ve wanted to go to the dentist but have been procrastinating because of a busy schedule or you just don’t want to go to the dentist.  What can you do about the excruciating pain? Try this. This solution is only a temporary to ease the agonizing pain of a toothache.  I ran across this old kitchen remedy many years ago when it was too late for me to go to the dentist.

Blend up about two tablespoons whole cloves in the blender until blended into powder form. Mix this with 1-tablespoon olive oil to make a paste and using your finger, dab the paste directly on the infective tooth and surrounding gum area, and wait 5 minutes. You will be so relieved you tried this natural remedy. Absolutely unbelievable that it really works! The properties in the clove actually numb your gums!   If you do not have cloves, cayenne and oil mixed into a paste also work well for toothaches but it is hot if some of it accidentally goes down the throat and you swallow it.


This remedy only works if you do it BEFORE you start to feel sick. If there is a virus going around the school or in your home and you're thinking that you might be next to get this awful virus, eat a bunch of raw garlic. Yeah, that's right. Most people think I'm crazy when I tell them to do this but I know it works. I do it myself every time I know there is any kind of sickness going around.

Eat two good sized or three small cloves of garlic every four hours and you will not get sick. This will only work by eating the raw garlic. Taking the pill form will not work!  You might smell like garlic for while but this all natural and safe remedy sure beats getting sick.  Garlic to your health!

If you have a difficult time eating garlic because it is so pungent you can also cut the garlic cloves up into tablet size and simply swallow like you would a pill. It still works! You will also be boosting your immune system.


This method is an absolute miracle cure! You will love its properties. Do you have acid in your stomach after eating? Throw away the Tums and Rolaids because they just make your acid worse in the long run. Try this instead: mix one tablespoon powdered ginger with warm water in an 8 ounce cup of warm water. Sip it down slowly. You will see that this remedy works before you even finish drinking the ginger.

Ginger tea works to relieve not just acid stomach but cramps, IBS, upset stomach, and gas. Ginger is a safe and natural spice that can't harm your system like antacids. You will be astonished that this really works! Ginger relieves many stomach ailments.  It's safe, cheap and miraculous!

FYI: Acidic condition, especially after eating meals means two things; one, your body is not tolerating the food combinations you are giving it and your body is overloaded with toxins. Both of these conditions overwork the digestion process and cause many other problems within the body.


Senna Leaf herbal tea is so much better for you than some of the other things people use to go to the bathroom. Senna leaf is an all-natural herb and it taste good too.  You will be amazed that this works so well.  Brew the tea just like you would any other tea by steeping in hot water for 5 minutes. The longer you steep the bag, the stronger the tea becomes. You can add honey or lemon to the tea if you like.  Wal-Mart sells it with all of the other herbal teas.

There are several different brands you can buy that have Senna Leaf Herb in it.  No matter what brand you decide to use, read the ingredients and make sure that Senna Leaf is the active ingredient.  You will be relieved that you decided to try a more natural approach.

Other natural, healthy options for aiding slow movements are, exercise such as walking, drinking more water throughout the day, eating more raw fruits and vegetables, and supplementing your diet with more fibrous rich foods such as whole grains, wheat bran, oatmeal, flax seeds, chia seeds and psyllium husks, etc...

All of these remedies are completely safe to use, however if you have a reoccurring health issue, its best to figure out the root cause of the health problem and work towards eradicating whatever it is from your lifestyle.

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