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If you have just arrived to CUENCA or you are about to come visit this beautiful city and will be looking to rent a home (House / Apartment / Condo), you definitely want to be in touch with Frank and Angie or even their oldest son Brandon. They will go the extra-extra-extra mile to find you the perfect home according to your needs and at the LOCAL prices, NOT the GRINGO prices.... This is what they have done for us in a week or less and we were very picky.... You know.... we are the typical expats that wanted a nice 3-4 bedroom / 2 bath+ house with a nice secured yard because we have 2 pets (a dog and a cat) in a safe and quiet neighborhood for the lowest rent possible (< $500 / m) only because we do not believe in paying artificially high prices that eventually ruin a country for the locals as well as for those expats that will make it here in the future.

In one week, these exceptional folks had found us our dream home AND had saved us 50 dollars on the rent.... We pay 400 dollars a month for a home that some RE agents would have encouraged the owners to ask 600 dollars + for AND they also saved us 400 USD in deposit money. These guys worked feverishly to meet our needs and wants and they did it all with a smile, and much much more.

So, look no further if you are looking to settle here and if you want to avoid painful experiences in your every day life... Visit their sites http://www.discovercuencaecuador.com/p/diy-cuenca-landing-guide.html

 AND http://www.gringogoodsamaritans.com and enjoy a delightful experience in moving to Cuenca, Ecuador.... They are the ONLY folks we have met here and that will give it to you as it is with no frills.

 You CAN live in Cuenca, on a tight budget if you know what you are doing; and Angie and Frank DEFINITELY know what they are talking about and what to do and how to do it. So don't get gouged and arrange a visit with them... you won't regret it!

Their contact discovercuencaecuador(at sign)yahoo.com: … They have many many thrilled and grateful folks that could not have done it without them.... We are among these and I understand and speak Spanish relatively decently! Frank, Angie, Brandon.... You are simply the best! --- Patrick and Elly from France

Brandon, Joan Ann and I would like to thank you for helping us get settled in Cuenca, EC. We appreciate your above and beyond courtesy and professionalism in providing your services.  Thank You, May the L-rd continue to bless you and lead you. Mike and Joan Ann A. 

Thank you Frank and Angie for your amazing help in negotiating a great rental price and making sure everything was ok with the house and that there were no hidden surprises for us!  We still can’t believe you managed to negotiate the price down by $300 per month (or $450 if you include their original listing price!). Aside from the cost, it was really great to have you highlight potential issues, and discuss them with the owner. Being so new to the country, we just didn’t know what to look out for, and it made us feel very reassured to know you were there to look out for us.  Thanks again! -- Joanne and Yoannis from Australia
Thank you for making our move possible by all that you and your family do.  I don’t know that we would have moved forward choosing Ecuador without all the unvarnished real life videos and info on the blog, the landing guide, your time answering questions, not to mention handling everything with the house.  Grant C.  Coeur D'Alene Idaho

Brandon, I want  to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for your efforts to help me find a new home. Your knowledge of the rental market and the various neighborhoods was of inestimable value as was your fluency in Spanish. Actually, your grasp of the language gives hope to those of us who are just beginning our linguistic struggles. It was good meeting Angelo. Please give my best to your family. --- J.P

Wow! I cannot begin to thank you enough!! Truly!!! I can't possibly even imagine why anyone would EVER remotely consider teaming with someone else to find their home here! Seriously!! Why anyone would willingly overpay is beyond comprehension. When I first saw my little Belle Vista apartment on your site, I thought:Incredible!!! What??!? 
A NEW!?! 3bedroom, 2bath, with a terrace??!? AND views of the ENTIRE city??? with windows galore, lots of fresh air for WHAT??!?!$250. per month??!? Are you serious?!?!

There ARE deals out there! The hard work you must do in order to dig these up amazes me. Just even getting in touch with THE true owner who understands business?! can be on TIME?!! keep his word on pricing!?!

And YOU can translate/write an agreement where everyone is a happy camper! Thank you is such an understatement for all the value you provide.  Finally, I love my new home! I'm telling everyone!!! about how I 'found' http://www.gringogoodsamaritans.com amazing deal!  Great applause!!!!❤❤ S.W. Cuenca Ecuador

You know, I really ought to thank you. Without your service, I never would have hopped on a plane to experience a foreign country.  What you did opened a door to permit me to do something that I otherwise would have walked away from.  I hope you understand the extent to which your assistance is more than merely help in renting apartments.  ~William Kern. New Jersey

Great videos about Alice and her retirement in Cuenca. OK Frank and Angie.....find us the same type of home in an Ecuadorian neighborhood and we will sign the 1 year lease. My husband and I will be there soon. As soon as our house sells we are on the first flight out. We have all our paper work completed and are so ready to go. Thank you, Dave and Jennifer Seely

Thank you so much for directing me to your rental site! I went there and took a good look. You are amazing people wanting to help others in this way. Thank you for all your help!
Cindy B. -- Providence, Rhode Island

We are wrapping up a two week visit to Ecuador, flying home tomorrow, and I just found your website. We tried and tried to find a house for rent in Cuenca, but were very lost as we did not know the city, customs or language. We got gringoed several times and, since reading your website, I realize that we need help! 

We saved $400 (per month) on our short term rental with just one of the rental resources they found for my wife and I. Thanks a million!
Jerry and Nancy -- Canada

Both your blog and DIY guide give a good picture of what life is like in Cuenca without all the hype and Gringo gouging. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with your readers so that we may benefit from them and gain knowledge before making the move. 

Sincerely, Sarah from CA

I finally feel like I have a resource to follow to get a real glimpse of US citizens transplanted to Ecuador. What you are doing is so appreciated. I give super kudos to your ministry and the fact that you are a Christian family make it that more comfortable for me to trust your information.Thanks again!! R.P. Memphis, TN

Thank you for not "selling out" to HHI. I really rely on your honesty and candor. -- Phyllis

We have targeted your city as the place we want to live...hopefully sooner than later, we aren’t retired yet – just sick of what is taking place in the US. Agreed with the idea that it is up to us be responsible and not ruin the place for the locals or the expats. When can you build us a bed and couch? H & S 

I look forward to your videos and blog because of the honesty I see in the family. BunnyJean

I've bought all your books and have enjoyed them a lot as well as learned a lot from them. It gives one courage to know what to do, how to do it and where to do it and what to expect. I negotiated $265/month down from $300 for a brand new three bedroom apartment. It has marble floors with parquet in the bedrooms. Thank you! John B. St Louis Missouri

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