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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why We Eat Seashells? The Powerful Healing Properties of Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

We’ve been consuming ground up seashells for 15-years, ever since we learned it was good for vascular health. In fact, consuming food grade sea shell powder relieves, and in some instances fully heals, numerous health ailments! We feel truly blessed to discover the power of the all-natural fossilized seashell powder called Diatomaceous Earth (DE). And now we would like to share our good fortune with you, dear reader. 

         What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

DE comes from fossilized rock diatoms (microscopic single-celled algae). Basically it is ground up (POWDERED) seashells FROM FRESHWATER LAKES. The fossil remains consist of a pair of symmetrical shells or frustules.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diatomaceous_earth

We first learned of sea shell powder benefits years ago while doing research for a natural blood pressure reducer for Frank’s mother.  We were totally amazed to learn about all the health ailments that seashell powder can help naturally.  Here’s just a few of them:

1.  Lowers Cholesterol
2.  Blood pressure regulator
3.  Hair and nail thickener (DE is full of natural minerals)
4.  Strengthens teeth, tendons, bones and joints (full of calcium)
5.  Metal detoxification - cleanses mercury from fillings and aluminum from your system
6.  Regulates bowel movements and cleans out the colon
7.  Parasite detoxification for humans

Update 2017 - We all got the same parasite here in Ecuador called E. histolytica; to make a long story short...at the time of getting checked for parasites at the lab,  I was the only one in the family who was taking seashell powder regularly and I had the least amount of the parasites, but I still had them the lab technician said. So, sea shell powder helps but does not prevent. We have concluded that people with good regular bowl movements will have less symptoms than people who have constipation or eat poorly because they are not eliminating the parasites, but rather they will multiply instead.
8.  Helps to prevent osteoporosis
9.  Excellent for cardiovascular/heart health
10. And much, much more! Who would have known that you could eat ground up seashells? Incredible.

If you're moving abroad or traveling, you'll want to get your diatomaceous earth before you move and bring it with you because its difficult to get in Ecuador. Here's 5lb and 10lb food grade diatomaceous earth best price on Amazon!

15 years ago there were only a handful of folks that recognized the amazing benefits of seashell powder, but even then we found numerous testimonies from people all over the world, who have completely recovered from many health ailments while taking sea shell powder on a regular basis and we were impressed by the evidence. 

We have always had an open mind when it comes to natural ways of healing so we bought some FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth and have never looked back because we feel great; we really feel blessed to have come across this natural discovery within Gods beautiful earth. And it’s not just beneficial to humans health but for pets and farm animals as well.

        More Sea Shell Powder Benefits

There are many seashell powder uses:

1.  A natural insecticide for your pets:  DE will keep fleas and ticks off your pets – you can apply, by brushing some onto their fur directly, or you can add a couple tablespoons into their dog or cat food.  How it works is the fleas sniff the (powder) DE into their lungs and it dries them (dehydrates) out; fleas die within a few hours of ingesting it. Warning: do not allow your pet to inhale the DE, it can be fatal by drying out their lungs.  And that goes for humans too.  It’s not for sniffing.  You eat it by mixing it with a liquid.

2. Natural parasite destroyer: Adding a few tablespoons into a dogs or cats pet food on a consistent basis (several weeks) kills worms and other internal parasites. DE also works on farm animals to rid them of parasites naturally and to keep parasites from living in the animal.

Warning: make sure you mix the DE into the pets food well, again, so they won’t accidentally sniff it.

3. Household Natural Insecticide: Works great for ants, cockroaches, and any other insect problem in the home.  We know because living in the southeast united states we had an ant challenge. If we just dropped a small crumb of food on the floor or counter tops, the ants would be there within minutes. Applying DE directly on the infested area or along the baseboards of the home will get rid of the insects within three days to one week!  Remember, it is not poison, it dehydrates and snuffs out the bugs naturally.

4. Natural Herbicide for Gardens:  In the states the southern summers were always scorchers and the plants would sometimes become stressed. The aphids in the heat of the summer would start accumulating on the more stressed plants. We would douse the plants with some DE and within a 24 hour period the aphids died off.

5. Grain Storage (keeping weevils out of the grains) Add several food grade cups into the grains before storing.

      Where Can I Buy Diatomaceous Earth?
                         (Seashell powder)

If using for human or animal consumption only buy the FOOD GRADE DE. This is VERY IMPORTANT. If using for the garden or for insect infestation of the home, you can use the regular industrialized DE rather than the food grade.  

You can buy it online in many places. Just Google it and plenty of websites will come up where you can buy it.  You can also find it at feed and seed stores and health food stores in north America.  Unfortunately, when living abroad it is more complicated, i.e. you will pay a lot more for it just because of the shipping and additional taxes.  Sometimes you will find a local supply but that’s usually an exception.  *see below.

        Diatomaceous Earth for Humans

We Love Seashell Powder

We take one-two tablespoons of DE each morning with about 8 to 12 ounces of water or tea. Depending on what brand you have, it can either taste like a chalk or very mild dirt. We’re used to taking it and so it doesn’t taste bad to us anymore, but you can mix it in your favorite beverage in the morning. Directions for usage come with the DE. It’s really up to the individual how much they wish to take daily.


This heaping tablespoon is how much I take each morning on an empty stomach, which is about 2 well-rounded tablespoons. Frank takes a little less than I do. Some people take a little more or less, depends on the individual. 

Our only caution is: do not sniff seashell powder (bad for the lungs and can cause choking in small children and pets).  When you first start taking DE, work yourself up to two tablespoons. Do not start out taking too much. Some people with lots of toxins may experience flu-like symptoms for the first week or so as it is a natural cleansing element. We suggest one teaspoon in liquid of your choice for 2-weeks then 2 teaspoons for two more weeks, until your body adjusts to the 2-tablespoon amount. 

At first taking, a few people might experience constipation, but do not let that stop you from taking the DE. This is normal for the first week until your body adjusts. DE actually normalizes the digestive system, killing off the bad parasites, and eventually bringing normality to digestion and elimination.

One more thing:  There is NO PRODUCT, no matter what it is that is a cure-all. There is no such thing. Some people think they can just take sea shell powder every day and then eat a poor diet, never exercise, drink and smoke, etc...and all their health conditions will be eradicated!  Nothing could be further from the truth. Having good health is a LIFESTYLE. Diatomaceous Earth is a wonderful supplement to our already healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits.

For more information about DE here is another great article that you will find interesting as well. Click here: https://www.tipsbulletin.com/diatomaceous-earth/

*I did some research about buying the DE here in Ecuador.  I did find some in Guayaquil, but unfortunately they wanted to sell me industrial quantities (50-100lbs minimum) and instead of the cost being lower, it was twice as much even for those large quantities. 

Frank and Angie are lifelong natural health practitioners. They have overcome many difficult health situations. They have been studying and enjoying health and nutrition for over thirty years, and have taken their Better Health, Better Life seriously and are enjoying life abroad in their middle years with their three adult sons. 


We're an Expat Family of Five, Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy in Cuenca Ecuador! Enjoy the Discover Cuenca Ecuador blog!

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