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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What Naturopathic Doctors, Like Bernard Jensen Can Teach Us about (Colon) Health

"In the 50 years I've spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most peoples' health problems."  -- Dr. Bernard Jensen

***Dr. Jensen, a prostate cancer survivor, not only promoted colon cleansing for excellent health but he maintained that bowel detoxification, emotional well being and spiritual understanding are all very closely related.***

And it is so true. It was only AFTER we began our natural health routine/lifestyle 25-years ago that we began to feel great in every way.

             Healthy Eating Works Best In a Clean Body

Frank and I don’t just talk about health, we LIVE IT!  We do everything we talk about. We walk the talk. That’s the difference. We already KNOW what works and now we want to share our positive results.  This is why we are so adamant about colon cleansing; we strongly recommend FIRST cleansing the intestinal tract/colon as you change over to your new healthy eating lifestyle. Freeing the body of toxins will ensure proper nutritional assimilation/digestion into your body from the foods you eat!

Ladies, what is the first thing we do before bed every night? We cleanse our face and get all the makeup off that has been clogging up the pores all day, so our skin can breathe while we sleep. Some of us even scrub our face with all kinds of harsh chemicals because the manufacturers say it provides us with good facial skin, tone and glow.  But what do we do for our intestinal tract and bowels? NOTHING! Eating a good diet is not enough. Sure, if we had “eaten a good diet” from the first day we were born until this day, and I do mean, spotless, we would be in good health, but even with that, we would still need periodic cleansing. It’s the nature of life.

It’s peculiar how some people are skeptical about cleansing the INSIDE of the body and yet they take the time to use clay masks, avocado facials, hundreds of dollars worth of cleaners and scrubbers on their face, and they scrub their face until their skin is beat red and yet they leave the intestines dirty…and then these same cleansing skeptics say that eating a healthy diet will clean out the system.  But you see, that notion is only partly true.

"In treating over 300,000 patients, it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for FIRST before any effective healing can take place." Dr. Bernard Jensen

Did you know? True gluten intolerance is a rare disease called Celiac Disease which prevents the small intestine from absorbing nutrients from the food a person eats. The rest of the population that can't eat wheat, actually have an allergy to it and usually of other foods too, which means they are all clogged up, full of toxic waste, even if they have and get diarrhea! 

If people would only cleanse the bowels, using a proper natural cleanser, and then begin to eat a good diet, they would put the gluten free food promoters out of business!! Gluten intolerance/allergy is not a disease; Gluten intolerance is a REACTION (symptom) to a toxic state; it is something that can be cured by getting rid of toxic wastes the body has been storing up for years. 

It is our lifelong study and experience that ‘eating right’ is not enough.  That is our experience.  Look at it this way:  with good maintenance and appropriate and high quality gasoline and oils your old car will run well.  But will that help you if you hadn’t been doing the maintenance for the life of the car and then the engine blows, or the radiator blows?  No, you will need a repair and quickly.  Consider this: Will eating a healthy diet get rid of toxins such as mercury, heavy metals, pesticides, and other environmental exposures and poisons, inhaled and ingested over the years?  Maybe over a period of many years, but you might blow your radiator before then.

             Wrong Way vs. Right Way to Cleanse

There is a wrong way and a right way to cleanse the colon.  The wrong way is to believe that any product will work. Listening to product pitchmen is bound to lead you down the wrong road.  We never ‘tout’ a product, i.e. we don’t recommend a product while receiving any commissions from it.  When we do recommend something, it is because we ourselves have been using it for a very long time and it has proven itself over and over.  And we aren’t doing it for a commission. Having said that, if we ever do decide to sell one of these products then you will know that it is something that meets the above criteria.

FYI: We have NEVER used enemas for cleaning out the bowels, but rather we prefer doing the salt water flush, which is top down through the mouth and then down and out through the digestive tract. Anytime you do an enema you risk leaving toxins in the body, and or having a toxic back wash, which can leave a person very ill if they do have a lot of toxins. We’re not saying not to use an enema if that is what you prefer but be careful that you 1) Take care to do it right and, 2) and make sure you actually get all of the toxins out of the intestinal tract.

There are several different products on the market that cleanse the colon, but the best cleanses are those that do something while working their way through the intestines. Colon pills are processed tablets that can’t really do a reliable job. Some colon cleaners may do a quick cleaning but don’t actually do a thorough cleaning, leaving waste residue still caked on the intestines.

Using the proper cleanser is the most important aspect of cleaning the colon. Why? Because 99% of the stuff on the market will not scrub the dried up years of putrefied wastes that is stuck on the walls of the intestines! The result of not doing the proper cleanse is improper assimilation/digestion of the foods we eat, which in turn cause nutritional deficiencies.

We’re not selling any cleansing products but we do know that the whole husks of the psyllium plant work! I know this because I have been doing the Psyllium Husk cleanse for over 20-years, every couple of years. Whole psyllium husks are what you need for a thorough colon cleanse because the husks act like a broom on your intestines and scrub off any caked on fecal wastes. Read more about this amazing plant here.  Plantago ovate.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psyllium_seed_husks

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established a tangible benefit of psyllium seed husk intake and a decreased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Psyllium's soluble fiber thus has the potential to decrease the risk of CHD.

For anyone to NOT consider cleansing the colon just because there are a few promoters with an agenda out there is really doing themselves a disservice and anyone who listens to them a disservice. To have a closed mind about something that is safe, simple, pure, and a natural healing method for BETTER HEALTH seems peculiar to us.

Disease doesn’t come about overnight.  Our bodies mold to the kind of lives we live, for better or for worse.  Although I have specialized in nutrition, I don’t believe food is the whole story, and experience has shown me that different lifestyles – and even different climates in certain cases.  A highly sensitive person can eat the healthiest possible food and still experience a breakdown of health in a nerve wracking urban environment.   An ambitious, talented person may live in a quiet, slow-moving rural area, eat nutritious food and still experience loss of health from the lack of challenge in life.  This person might thrive in the “nerve-wracking” environment that meant disaster to the other one.  A missionary may thrive in a tropical climate while his wife experiences all kinds of health problems.   – Dr. Bernard Jensen

Frank and Angie are lifelong natural health practitioners. They have overcome many difficult health situations.  They believe, as Dr. Bernard Jensen did, that there’s more to health than just eating right. They have been studying health and nutrition for over thirty years, and have taken their Better Health, Better Life seriously and are enjoying life abroad in their middle years with their three adult sons.

We're an Expat Family of Five Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy in Cuenca Ecuador! Enjoy the Discover Cuenca Ecuador blog!

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