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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

REVISITING - 5 VERY Nutritious Foods for Good Health!

We do not take vitamin supplements of any kind, not even Vitamin C. When I was pregnant with my three sons I did take some vitamin and iron supplements, as well as extra folic acid and calcium, however, for the last 28-years, neither Frank nor I have touched a vitamin supplement. Why? We receive all of the vitamins and minerals the body needs from the foods we eat and we feel great.

Note: just a friendly reminder. For receiving the most nutrition and the best assimilation out of the foods we eat, having a clean bowel is an absolute must. Frank and family do everything in this article that we are talking to you about today.  We are a living testimony
of our healthy lifestyle choices and their benefits.

First we want to mention that there are hundreds of healthful foods in the world, however we’re only listing 5 very nutritious SUPER foods to help the body get back on board to good health and to stay healthy.  These foods we list actually do something to
strengthen the immune system while improving health a hundred-fold.

   Healthy Eating Lifestyle = a Healthy Body

We’re going to tell you only about 5 foods that should be eaten daily by everyone.  It’s important to make eating healthy, a lifestyle, not something you do only when you feel lousy or when you
are sick because your body needs to build up a good immunity against germs, infections and diseases.

Are we relying too much on vitamin supplements rather than the real
thing?  Many of the nutrients we receive from the foods we eat come from raw fruits and vegetables? This is why it is very important to eat a variety (different colors) of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet to ensure optimal nutritional balance. And well, that is not difficult to do if you live in Cuenca Ecuador!

       5 Foods that Are Super for your Body

1. Sprouts – Growing your own sprouts is really easy and I made a couple of videos on sprouting– alfalfa sprouts are super foods because they provide (almost) every single vitamin and mineral known to man. There are not many foods that can pack that kind of nutritional punch! And because they are a living food they are packed with life-giving properties such as antioxidants and chlorophyll. Alfalfa sprouts taste good in salads and sandwiches. Eating just one cup of sprouts a day, along with a healthy diet, will ensure excellent nourishment for the body. But if you can’t get alfalfa, radish sprouts are also loaded with vitamin C and raw enzymes.


2. Ferment (RAW) Food Product – When we talk about a fermented food product we do not mean a pasteurized (cooked) cow’s milk yogurt. I know that here in  Ecuador they devour that stuff like it’s going out of style, and perhaps it helps a little bit, but to really have excellent gut flora and stay healthy you need to use a raw (not cooked) product.
If you are making your own yogurt or kefir, the best raw milk to use is not cow’s milk either. Cow’s milk, even when raw tends to give the body an excess of mucous that can actually make those with a weak upper respiratory tract come down with flu-like symptoms. We suggest using either sheep’s or goats milk which does not give out the mucous symptoms like cow’s milk does and it is also
better for your intestinal tract because it is more digestible than cow’s milk.

We know of several new mothers whose baby could not digest raw cow’s milk so they provided the baby with raw goat’s milk and the baby thrived. In the biblical days, they did not use cow’s milk; it was always goat or sheep milk.

Our favorite fermented food to make and eat is sauerkraut and for several reasons; it’s easy to make, cabbage grows well here and is really a good value here in the Andes, and it tastes great! We use it in our salads, sandwiches, and believe it or not, it even goes well with eggs!  Sauerkraut is versatile and you can eat it as a side dish with a lot of meals you prepare. We even made a video showing how
simple it is to make! 

Consider this: A healthy intestinal tract is a sure sign of how healthy
overall a person is going to be. Eating just a cup of sauerkraut every day, along with a healthy diet, rids the intestinal tract/bowels of bad bugs that make our body acidic and eventually sick with disease. Eating a fermented food product every day will ensure good intestinal flora which feeds the rest of our body well and actually boosts our immune system!

3. Garlic –Garlic is a miraculous herb and powerful antioxidant that carries the same properties as antibiotics, however, the good news about garlic is it does not wreck havoc on your immune system like pharmaceutical antibiotics do. Garlic belongs to the onion family, although it is much more potent as a miracle herb reducing blood pressure and keeping one from getting sick if taken every day! We know it keeps viruses at bay! Garlic is excellent for many ailments.

Just so you know what form of garlic we’re talking about here, neither the garlic pills, nor the cooked garlic work that well for fighting off sickness; garlic must be eaten raw to receive the benefits from it. The best way to eat garlic is:  1) chop it up into small pieces and throw it into a salad or, 2) juice the little critters with the rest of your fruits and vegetables. 

Frank likes to eat garlic a different way, he wants to get it over with and eats whole cloves with his food. He’ll stick a whole clove in his veggie sandwich. It doesn’t matter how you eat it, what matters is you do eat it, and every day. If you’re more concerned about garlic
odor than warding off bacteria that makes you sick, you may want to reconsider your priorities, but if you’re around people a lot, we understand.  In that case, eat it when you get home for the day.  A little bit of raw parsley sweetens the breath.  You can also snack
between meals after a meal with
garlic and that will help reduce
garlic scent.

4. Wheat Grass – Wheat grass is just a very long sprout grown from the wheat berry or kernel that grows like grass; it is simple to grow right in your own kitchen and very therapeutic to the digestive tract and bowels; it is nothing but amazing and miraculous. If anyone is feeling in poor health, or is sick from a particular disease, drinking just a 6-oz glass of wheat grass juice every day will improve health ten-fold.

And all this of course while you are incorporating healthy foods in your daily eating lifestyle. Wheat grass contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, all the things the body needs for healing from cancer and or disease.

Ann Wigmore who was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 50, with only a few months to live, detoxified her body using wheat grass and lived another 35 years before she died from a premature death from smoke inhalation in her home in Boston in 1994 she was 83 years young and had more energy than most  20-years old, says the story. Read Ann Wigmore's story here

5.  Dark Leafy Calciferous Greens
Kale and mustard greens, chard and collard greens are from the cabbage family of plants and provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals the body needs when eaten every day, alongside a healthy food diet.
Greens should only be  lightly steamed then mix with diced garlic and EV olive oil into the greens. Never boil greens or most of the nutritional value will be lost.  Dark cruciferous greens are best for health when eaten raw. They have vitamins A, C, and K, iron, calcium, and folate. They are also great sources of fiber.

These super foods should be eaten on a daily basis to not just improve poor health but to stay healthy, strong, and vibrant no matter what age a person happens to be.
UPDATE May 2023 - We would like to add a new super food that we have been drinking for about 5 years now and that's Kefir.   It's an excellent probiotic to add to your daily drinks. We ferment our own and drink it every morning with papaya seeds, black cumin seeds and bananas and it taste great and keeps us really quite healthy, especially when living in Mexico.  Until next time.

And to get the rest of the story about our health testimony, how we stay slim without dieting, how we avoid getting sick, how we’ve healed of ailment  that were making us disabled, how we stay young in middle age, check out our “Better Health, Better Life”, book
You’ll be happy you did.

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