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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What history can teach us about F.I.R.E. financial independence retire early


Back in the day when I was getting started as a multiple small business owner, and prior to becoming one, I used to study successful people.  
I would read their autobiographies, and biographies, and anything I could get my hands on, that was written about them.
I’ve already listed some of these people in previous posts.
Here’s another one.  Sir James Goldsmith.  
Now, before I got on, please understand that I do not worship these characters.
Meaning, I use the principle of “test all things and hold on to that which is good”.
So I sift what I learn with an eye for what I can compartmentalize and cherry pick what I can use to possibly implement in my life now, 
or maybe a principle I can store in my mental war chest for possible later use.

So, in a nutshell, Sir James Goldsmith spent his life buying and selling companies, became a billionaire before the age of 50, then in the late 80’s retired to his mansion in Mexico.

There’s more to that story, but here’s a morsel for the F.I.R.E community.  Financial Independence Retire Early.
After he ‘retired’ to his mansion in Mexico in 87’, as a billionaire,  as huge as that is today, it was even more huge back in the 80’s.
Get this, he was still buying companies through proxy.  

Wala’, he was working from home.
Will you get a load of them apples.
He figured out a way to work from home even before the internet. 
 Before you tube, facebook, net meeting if you still remember that one, and now Zoom.
The guy had a lot of skeletons in his closet but remember, “test all things, and hold on to that which is good”.

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