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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Can You Believe Your Eyes! Which Country Should We Escape to Next in Retire Early?

00:00 Can you believe your eyes? Which Country Should We Retire Early to Next?
01:07 Cheap rentals? Mostly gimmicks and we hate to say it but...
02:20 We have to move abroad with purpose (know what you want).
03:35 Tips on getting local priced rental anywhere abroad
06:55 When you're searching for an apartment you will have to do this!
08:32 9 Beautiful Apartments around the world under $400 Note: The only prices we think have gone up out of these 9 cites is in Cuenca Ecuador in that particular neighborhood. But all of the other cities, we think that the price is about the same today. But remember, these are local prices for the local people, to snag one of these takes the commitment we have been talking about in our videos. Comments are welcome. Take care.

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