Best Custom Rental Options

You may have heard that "what you don't know won't hurt you". Nothing could be further from the truth when moving abroad.  Irregardless of what people say on forums, gringos are signing illegal Lease Contracts abroad! 

Find the best rental and best price.  Never lose a rental deposit ever again!  Anytime, anywhere.  

How to properly use a facilitator as your go between to do all the legwork for you.  How to keep your rent from getting raised as soon as you move in.  How to have way more leads and rental options than what’s on real estate agents web pages.

Hi, we’re Frank and Angie.  If you’ve been following our adventures abroad then you know that we put our money where our mouth is.  Facts are, we’ve never lost a rental deposit on a lease contract in the six years and the multiple houses we and our followers have been renting abroad.
We’ve also never paid more than $250 to $300 per month on rent.  And even today, so many years later and after so many more foreigners overpaying for property rentals, with our system, we could easily find very nice apartments and houses even in high priced areas abroad for hundreds of dollars less than most foreigners pay per month.

And with our system, we could go anywhere to any country on the planet except for maybe the most in demand neighborhoods in South Korea,  Hong Kong central Moscow and a few others and do the same.

You see, when we first started helping people find the best rentals at the best prices and helping them get the best lease contracts abroad several years ago, we got an inside look at how the local culture deals with foreigners.

We learned all the tips and tricks and we know what to expect in advance and what to look out for and best of all, how to protect ourselves from losing deposits, how to spot unscrupulous landlords, not be taken advantage of, not overpaying.


This is all wrong and unnecessary.  I will show you how that doesn't need to happen to you.  

The fact is, most gringos don’t know how they’re exposing themselves.  The challenge is that when a foreigner/gringo gets taken advantage of or loses several hundreds in deposit, they are embarrassed and won’t tell anyone.  But I’ve personally seen gringos lose deposits right in front of my eyes.  These were gringos that were exiting apartments that I was looking at for other gringos.

I’ve seen them lose deposits to otherwise honest looking professional outstanding local property owners.  The kind of people that you wouldn’t think by looking at them and talking with them, that they would keep your lease contract deposit.  But we’ve learned some times you can’t go by that.

Deposits ranging in the several of hundreds of dollars.  This is a shame and doesn’t ever have to happen again, anytime, anywhere on the planet.  I have never lost a lease contract deposit in six years for myself or anyone I've helped.
How can I make so many claims? 

I know because I’ve helped hundreds of gringos secure apartments without any worries and without loss.  You see, although I’m not a licensed lawyer, I come from a legal background of writing legal letters in our church legal department, and  coupled with my 30 years experience in selling services and many years dealing with foreign landlords on a weekly basis, I’ve come up with a winning system, that allows us to review the most options and best rentals on the market at any time and at the same time avoid all the pitfalls.

Because of our boots on the ground experience with the locals, I’ve designed the best rental lease contracts and rental terms that we've used over and over for ourselves our friends and followers to achieve the great results outlined above.


We were the ones who first pioneered paying the local prices for rentals abroad.  In those early days, we put a lot of gringos in the best houses and best apartments and best residential tenancy agreement from $200.00 to $350.00 while foreigners were usually paying hundreds more.  We're  no longer focusing on those prices, but only mention it to say that we were the ones finding all the best bargains in this South American marketplace and you know what happened...after a couple of years of doing this, we found that each time one of those gringos decided to move on and move out, they would advertise that low priced apartment or house that we helped them find, they would put it on a gringo portal.  

In this way, the best priced apartments and houses that we introduced to new gringos in the first place made their way to other gringos that didn’t use our help and weren’t aware of how to protect themselves on their lease contract and residential tenancy agreement...  And eventually, without the information in this guide in their hands and without our help, a lot of those gringos eventually got taken advantage of in many ways.

         Here’s what you get with this guide

Lists of all of the resources we’ve used for years to put dozens and hundreds of gringos in the best apartments and houses at the best prices in Cuenca Ecuador and beyond.  How to find and how to use them.  Instantly increase your options of available apartments and houses at local prices.  Where to look, how to look, how to get your facilitator's best help.

Plus I will also include the 3 lease contract templates that I've used over and over through the years and have found are the most effective to protect you from losing deposits, unscrupulous landlord tactics, avoid headaches of all kinds, get best price and terms and just overall have a much better rental experience. 

You  can print out and copy and paste and use in any rental situation anywhere.   Like when a landlord insists on having two deposits. How to word the contract in such a way that you get your deposits back every time.  Little known tricks local landlords play that will trip you up every time and take your lease contract deposit, sometimes in plural.  How to make sure you don’t get the rent raised prematurely, and excessively.

The two words to take out of every lease contract, that I’ve seen every single local landlord try to pin on gringos.


 How to tell if the landlord is just gringoing you or if the real estate agent is.  How to overcome these issues, how to respond with the appropriate lease contract or residential tenancy agreement during negotiations.  How to use the contract templates in this guide to do just about all of the negotiating for you.

How to properly use a facilitator to do the heavy work of negotiating and fronting for you. You see, because I speak and understand Spanish, I’ve witnessed how the locals act with local landlords to get a rent reduction, and guess what, I do the same, and it works.  And I will show you how to properly use your facilitator to do the same thing.

On top of all that, I will give you the tips and tricks I used to be able to do all this before I even knew the language very well. I’m saying I will show you how to do this anywhere in the world, regardless of language.  After all, landlords are just people.

Ok, enough said about the benefits; what do you think this information is worth to you.  When you consider it a known fact that most gringos move on from their new found paradise within a couple of years or so, and that a lot of gringos end up moving again for one reason or another having to do with changes in the neighborhood, wanting to try a different city in the same country, or even a different part of town.

Consistent with that thought, if you knew you were completely protected from losing any residential tenancy agreement deposits, and able to get the best rental at the best price and terms, at any time, anywhere, for the rest of your renting life thanks to this information being in your hands, would it make it easier and less stressful - to pick up and improve your life, your location, your rental at any time that you deemed necessary or just because you want to.

Well what would that be worth to you, to be able to use all these benefits over and over for the rest of your renting life in almost any country or city you decide to try out almost anywhere in the world.

Heck I’ll even give you pointers on how to use this in the u.s.  I’m sure you get the point, this information is potentially worth thousands.  Would $39 be fair…