How Does It Work?


The best listings of the best listings, LaCreme de LaCreme, the crème of the crop.
How’s that?  We’ve gathered up all the best resources over the years to scour the market for the best properties available, and we’re continuously adding more.  We have these at our fingertips.

Each day that we’re working with you, we scour over all the listings on the entire market over many different resources, looking for those that best fit your stated requirements.  We cull the most qualified listings for you.   Then, out of those we further refine and cull some more, we choose the top one, two or three listings for the day.  The best ones.  The best values.

Then we deliver them on a silver platter to you.  Does that sound good?   Find me a real estate agent that does that. Instead, they’ll present to you only the properties they have already contracted with the landlords to represent them, the landlords, not you. 

Because the agent’s commission is derived by the rental amount, it is inherent within the real estate agent  process to be shown higher priced properties.  There is also a vested interest in showing you the highest priced listings.

That doesn’t mean some people don’t think they’re reasonably priced, but that’s not the point.  In most cases, you’re getting the top price of the market.  Our experience is that 9 out of 10 real estate listings are padded by at least $50-$100 per month.

A person from a large metro area might be shown a listing from a real estate agent for $500 a month, and think, wow, that’s a good deal because they’re comparing to Florida prices, etc.    If that listing was passed on to us we could attempt to negotiate the rent down $50 or maybe $100 that’s per month.  That adds up to $600 to $1200 in potential annual rent savings.  How do our low fees stack up in light of that?

Many people have found that paying a higher price difference doesn’t necessarily mean an improvement in what you get.  Instead they find that higher price many times means just that, only a higher price for the gringo but not much more in housing benefits, in many cases but not all.

Of course, the coveted tourist areas and elevator/security buildings have much more demand and corresponding prices, but even there, there is no interest by the agent in trying to work the price or any terms in your favor.  Remember his pay comes from the landlord and so he/she doesn’t want to do or say anything that might upset their commission.  Not judging it, just saying, full disclosure right?

Some people that don’t have our DIY Cuenca Landing Guide do not have the understanding they really should have.  What’s that?  That the first encounter with your potential landlords sets the tone for that relationship going forward. If you come across as a rich gringo that will pay whatever is asked, that is the tone you are setting for your potential future ongoing landlord tenant relationship.  How do you spell RENTAL INCREASES? Loss of deposits? Ask around, it’s a known fact.

Are you ready to finally have someone on your side?  Seriously on your side.  We take our work seriously.  From here, you only need to choose the amount of assistance you want and need.  Choose one of the three packages, then kindly fill out the form outlining your requirements and click submit.  We will respond appropriately.
Thank you. 

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