Wednesday, March 18, 2020


If it was possible to enjoy a spritzy soda, save money and improve your health at the same time, would you?

Well that's what you'd be doing while making your own home made ginger ale. 

Who said 'if it tastes good, spit it out'? It was fitness guru Jack LaLanne. Well I've got a surprise for you, it isn't necessarily true.

We've been doing this for a few years now, and while we stopped drinking sugary sodas decades ago, there are times when plain water just doesn't cut it.

There are so many unhealthy recipes out there that add loads of white sugar, I thought I'd share how we make healthy home made ginger ale which is very thirst quenching.

This stuff is so good, it tickles your palate and costs pennies to make.

You will need to have kefir grains either milk or water. The initial cost is around $10 but from then on you can make fermented drinks like this which will average out to pennies.

Try it, you will for sure like it. Some people call this ginger beer.

Here's the recipe.


a table spoon of raw diced ginger
two table spoons of squeezed lime or lemon
quarter cup of whole sugar cane not white or raw honey
pinch of salt

one cup of milk whey or water kefir.
add water.

Mix together and let it sit in a covered bottle at room temperature for three and one half days. 
 Don't forget to 'burp' the bottle, i.e remove the cap to let the air bubbles out, or it will explode like a champagne bottle.

This stuff is worth the effort. To your health.

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