Wednesday, March 18, 2020


How can we FIRE earlier and or better? 

How we show up in life, every day, what our thoughts are. Our plans, our ideas. It all stems from our beliefs.

Specifically our plans and goals to become FI financially independent and RE retire earlier lifestyle.

Some beliefs are good, and some are limiting.
Limiting beliefs are beliefs that we have that limit us in our lives but we may or may not know it. 

Our limiting beliefs is what keeps us stuck in the situation we are in. They keep us from having the free lifestyle of FIRE right now.

One of the things I see over and over is people that are held back because of their limiting beliefs.

So let's dive right in and focus on that. Because just as when we want to get the car rolling we need to push the gas pedal, so too we must remove our limiting beliefs if we are to FIRE earlier and better.

I see a lot of limiting beliefs every week. If you joined this group because you think you can FIRE now but you are hesitant because of health care costs. That is a belief. 

I don't purport to change anyone's beliefs. That is something that happens internally. What we can do is show someone how they are using their belief in a limiting way. 

And then at that point, you can make a transition, discarding that limiting belief or at least modifying it in some way so as to remove the limits, barriers if you will, that were keeping you from making the progress that you want.

Limiting beliefs show up in many different ways for different people, it's not just in the healthcare area, or it doesn't have to be in the health care area at all. That's just where limiting beliefs show up for some of you.

I may have mentioned this before and it is worth repeating. Some in the FAT FIRE community are spending $24,000 per year on health care. My wife and I can travel the world indefinetly on that figure alone.

I am not saying I'm right and you're wrong, I am just using that as one example of how beliefs show up in your life. And those beliefs impact your LIFESTYLE.

And it is a lifestyle. You have the work a day lifestyle, and then you have the FIRE lifestyle as I see it.

That's another set of beliefs too. As I said at the beginning, all of our plans and goals and the way we live every single day comes down to our beliefs. 

Some beliefs facilitate us to our goals, in the future, and some beliefs facilitate us to achieve those goals sooner and or better.
And some beliefs keep us stuck. 

 Unsure and hesitant to pull the trigger. To have the life we really want. To live the way our conscience would have us show up every day of our lives. 

Our limiting beliefs can and often do cloud our focus. What is your focus? Is it a number? 4% of a number?

 Numbers are important but if that becomes front and center of our focus that is also a belief. 

Is it limiting? You tell me. What is financial indepence to you? Isn't it freeing yourself from the daily grind? 

 If that is correct, then isn't that what the real focus should be? FREEING YOURSELF FROM THE DAILY GRIND. 

We take our eye off the mark because of our beliefs. And we stay in our beliefs because it's comfortable. The unknown is scary. That's a belief too.

The unknown is not scary when you think clearly and remove the barriers to achieving our goals, and the funny thing about that is that options appear that previously were not apparent. 

When our beliefs change in such a way so as to remove the limiting aspect, the barriers, those options appear as clear as sun light. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Cliche but it's true. Are you ready to get ready?

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